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Key of Today

Milot’s Keys of Unity project - in association with JeanWolfe of Los Angeles - launches with great fanfare at its first stop - Napoli, on Thursday March 30, 2023. 


Arriving on a wave of positivity, hope, and connection - and with a dream of inspiring open dialogue - it’s no coincidence that it’s in Piazza Mercato, Naples, that internationally renowned artist Milot has chosen to position his new "Key of Today".


This giant “Key of Today” sculpture - exhibited for the first time in Naples, thanks to Mayor Manfredi - will symbolize life, the rebirth of a society open to everything and everyone, to dialogue, to confrontation, and a world in which there is possibility and potential for all. Milot’s wish is to give a message of hope at such a difficult, divisive moment, aiming to reawaken the collective thought of a society that has lately lost its way. He wants this to be a universal ‘cry’ of mutual respect between people, so that they live in peace with each other, and so there are no more closed and distant places. It is in this place, literally and metaphorically, where the key will sit.

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